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Nanocenter "Dubna" was created in 2010 by results of an open tender of Fund of infrastructure and educational programs of RUSNANO for implementation.International Intergovernmental Organization Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Joliot-Curie, 6. Dubna, Moscow region, Russia, 141980. Secretariat +7 (49621) .R E G U LA M E N T 1. Sunt acceptate în concurs lucrări tehnoredactate cu diacritice, nepublicate şi nepremiate la alte concursuri literare.Jul 9, 2018 Dust of Earth and space: air pollution was discussed in JINR at the BioMAP-8 conference, Video by the JINR Scientific Information Department.Dubna (Russian: Дубна́, IPA: [dʊbˈna]) is a town in Moscow Oblast, Russia. It has a status of naukograd (i.e. town of science), being home to the Joint Institute .

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